Watercolor Dreams

Tuscan villas

Experimenting with light and color, I sat on the overlook in Poggio alla Croce the other day and made this watercolor. I wanted to keep it simple. To leave white space between my colors. This has become my approach to life too. Space. White space between all the rest makes everything so much richer.

Poggio alla Croce, watercolor, 8 x 12

This morning I woke from a dream that puzzled me. Not unusual, most dreams puzzle me at first. These last two weeks I haven’t been writing them down as I usually do.

Muse Chincia has had me busy with other inspirations. Yesterday she flew off to Paris and on to a full schedule of others to inspire. Having her here was amazing. She gave me a fresh view of many things, too numerous to mention here.  I will be incorporating much of it in my posts!

After writing the dream, I pulled out a few symbols. This raised questions I hadn’t thought to ask. With the questions in mind, answers started accumulating. Among them the synthesis for some experimental pieces I began at home.

This watercolor is the foundation for a series of handmade paper collages. Each collage is created with white handmade papers of various textures. Gesso is applied and the image is created with pigmented inks, watercolor and pastel pencils.

I am working on the set of foundation images now.  When I return to Virginia, I will complete them.  Poggio alla Croce is the first.  Tomorrow I will post another.

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.