Volterra Street Scene ~ Abstract Fun

Playing with abstract shapes, warm and cool contrasts in this street scene from Volterra.

Volterra is a walled hill town south of Siena.  The rough textures and bright  colors are a wonderful contrast.

street scene
Voterra Street, oil, 14 x 11

In this painting, I am playing yellow against  lavenders. These two are complimentary colors, so they have a natural punch.

I began with the neutralized yellow in the foreground shadows of the buildings. These tones are so neutral, you may not even see them as yellow ~ yet they do lean toward the yellow end of the neutral spectrum.

They are what makes the lavender blue shadows in the street pop. The sky is a similar, slightly more blue hue,

Buildings on the sunny side of the street are light yellow with lavender shadows. Accent flags and laundry hanging in the street play off the more intense end of the yellow/orange spectrum. Green/ blue accents counter these like punctuation marks.

I think of it as a jig-saw puzzle where I get to color the pieces in before I assemble them! How fun!

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