This time I’m going to let You tell me what you see!

Painting Lesson Abstract Design

Are these 2 Paintings the Same?
Or Different?

I painted these both the same week. Below, I’ve attached sketches from my journal. At the bottom is a smaller painting that I painted in Tuscany last fall.


Is this jumping from one thing to another?
Or do you see similarities?

Use the comment box. Let’s hear what everyone thinks! If you see them as different, tell us how and why. If you see similarities, tell us what they are.

Villa Rossa

Contemporary red abstract architecture painting
Villa Rossa, oil, 30″ x 24″

Orchids Mum

colorful contemporary orchid painting
Orchid Mum, oil, 30″ x 18″

Thumbnail Sketches for Villa Rossa

thumbnail sketches
thumbnail sketches for Villa Rossa painting

Thumbnail Sketches for Orchids Mum

orchids mum abstract sketches
TThumbnail Sketches for Orchids Mum

Warm Glowred villa tuscany painting

Warm Glow, oil, 14″ x 11″

Leave your answer in the comments below.

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