Join me in my Virtual Studio from Tuscany

Join me in my Virtual Studio from Tuscany

I will be demonstrating in watercolor & oil paint from Poggio Alla Croce.

Dorothy Fagan painting in Tuscany
My heart melts every time I see the view from my balcony in Tuscany. My easel stays here day and night, sunrise sunset!

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Watercolor journaling is fun for sketching and quick ideas on the run. I like to take a small one in my bag, so it’s handy and easy to paint on the fly. I do a lot of this in cafes and restaurants, on a park bench over looking the gardens, or while hiking in the village.

Plein Air Painting in Tuscany

plein air in TuscanyPainting in the Vineyards

I know people are curious as to the colors I am using and how I know what to mix together to get my colors. I will be sharing this and more. This photo is from my last visit in 2015 to northern Tuscany in Grassina.


This quick oil sketch didn’t turn out as I wished. My phone interrupted my train of inspiration with a family issue. It’s important to stop and be there when family calls ~ even in Italy!

Leap Frogs

HeartLand c2017 Dorothy Fagan
HeartLand, Purchase Info>

Everyone loves the feeling of leap-frogging with inspiration. An amazing series of them led me from the plein air painting above to this painting called, Heart Land. I know you can see how both paintings are focused on a heart centered in the landscape.

This is really what I was after when I went to Italy two years ago. I wished to absorb the Tuscany Lifestyle into my art and life ~ and I believe this is what it looks like for me!

Heart Land, detail, Learn More about this painting>

I used my CreativSOUP Method to spur the leap-frogs along. The more I stirred the pot, the faster those leap frogs jumped to mind. I will be setting up my oil palette and packing my painting gear over the next few days.

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