Color Play ~ Inspired by Watercolor Study

A watercolor I made several weeks ago has been on my mind. Today I found myself painting it in oils.

color play
Homage to the Sun II, oil, 11 x 14

The watercolor was a clean, simple color study. The oil, however, became much more of a complex color game.

color field
Homage to the Sun, watercolor, 8.25 x 11.8″, Handmade Garza Watercolor Paper

I like them both. Each for different reasons.


2 thoughts on “Color Play ~ Inspired by Watercolor Study”

  1. Hi Dorothy,
    I really love both of these. Truly hard to decide which would be my favorite. They’re so different and yet both so alive!
    Thanks for you email – I know Pinterest is very popular – seems to be especially among my “artsy” friends. I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking on it….and therein lies the problem. It would probably suck me in!
    Looking forward to having you and Jim traveling Hallieford Rd. again but I really hate to have you leave Italy. Love all the paintings and lessons!

    1. Looking forward to being on Hallieford Road again! Just returned “home” from Venice … funny how this residency has truly felt like home! I’m sure I’m in for another homecoming here soon. Lots of chores to catch up on before winter!

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