Vineyard Dreams ~ Two Vineyard Paintings


Two Vineyard Views

I am finally settled back into my studio painting again. Coming home from a trip so extensive as this requires quite a bit of transition time. I allowed myself two weeks to readjust to Eastern Standard time, catch up on household chores and unpack the studio. Assimilation is the next part of my process now.

Volpaia Villa, oil, 6 x 6

Handling all those logistics is good incubation time. While I am sorting laundry, cleaning gutters and unpacking paintings ~ I am also sorting thoughts, gutting the studio, and unpacking dreams I thought I’d lost.

Ready now, I begin by reviewing landscapes from my notes. I block in two 24 x 30 vineyard views from the tiny hill village in Chianti called Volpaia. By now I am fully aware of how reminiscent these Tuscan landscapes are of paintings I created early in my career.

This full awareness tells me there is way more to these images than meets the eye. Emotional landscapes nearing harvest, I feel the strain of painting them in my lower back. When I return to continue painting, I decide instead to paint two tiny panels. This gives me time to check my palette and think before continuing on the larger canvases.

Volpaia Vineyards, oil, 5 x 7

This morning I am able to finish the two small landscapes. Something familiar yet new about them, not sure I have words for it. They feel ripe. Tomorrow perhaps another will ripen.

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.