Tuscan Lifestyle Inspires Art & Muses

Tuscan Retreat

I said I wanted to let the Tuscan lifestyle influence my paintings. Little did I know that learning to cook, would teach me something about painting.

tuscan lifestyle

Since I had already learned to make Florentine Ravioli and Tuscano Pizza, I asked Chef Danilo to do a different cooking lesson for me and Muse Thalia. Seafood!

tuscan lifestyle
salmon in fresh tomatoes
tuscan lifestyle
Danilo Becattini gave me and Muse Thalia a wonderful lesson in cooking Tuscano style.

Unlike American Italian food, Tuscano Italian food is all prepared fresh. No heavy sauces. No meat balls. And no sauce from a jar!!!

tuscan lifestyle
Prochini Mushrooms Antipasti

Porchini mushrooms are available in the coop grocery. Simply sliced and a dressing of olive oil, flat leaf parsley, minced garlic and salt ~ delizioso!

tuscan lifestyle
tiny clams

A pot of steaming fish stock on the range went into everything. Along with the holy trinity of Tuscan cooking, garlic, flat leaf parsley and salt. This lets the fresh, clean flavors of the food come through.

tuscan lifestyle

Not to miss out on learning to make tiramisu, I asked Danilo to show us. He had purchased fruit so we made both; fruit desserts with the lady fingers soaked in liqueur AND tiramisu with them soaked in expresso, topped with chocolate.

So simple to make and not so sweet or rich. Eggs, cheese, lady fingers, a touch of sugar and voila! Tiramisu!

tuscan lifestyle
let’s not forget dessert!

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.