Twilight ~ Daily Painting

The Wonderful thing about Chaos …

daily painting
Twilight, oil, 6×6

This one is painted with a palette knife! Yes, a tiny palette knife. It’s all about control. Not HAVING control ~ GIVING control of how it turns out to the Creator!

I set my sights on wow, not knowing exactly how to get there. Why do folks think I know how it’s going to turn out? That would be boring! It’s not like driving a car. If the destination is wow ~ that can be almost anywhere. So where did I start?

In this painting I started with the idea of the deep Prussian Blue at the top right. Initially the whole top part of the canvas was painted with that color. I painted in a few shadow cloud streaks. Then a few highlight streaks. Then I blocked in the shadow land masses.

That’s when I gave up my idea of where I thought I was going! I didn’t like it, so I gave up and prayed ‘help!’ The quicker I am to stop trying to DIY, the quicker I get the help I need to discover wow.

At that moment, everything looked like chaos. The wonderful thing about chaos is that I stop caring if I get there at all. Of course, that’s when it all comes together. I turn a corner and suddenly it’s right in front of me.

God Bless!


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