If this Painting were YOUR Dream, what do the Trees Symbolize?

If this Painting were YOUR DREAM …

Paintings are like dreams. They come into the artist’s vision filled with symbolism and messages from the creator. Like most people, deciphering them is still a mystery to me.

I have explored dreams and paintings avidly for many years. Over time I have acquired a substantial vocabulary and a systematic approach to working with them. In this new series of posts, I will share what I have learned.

I invite you to participate by adding your thoughts in the comment section. Together we can use this opportunity to discover what I believe will be a deep connection via dreams and paintings.

daily painting
Rite of Spring II, oil, 30 x 40

This painting is inspired by a plein air pastel I painted three years ago as my father lay on his death bed. Not sad, rather inspiring as he took me to the river with him as he crossed. I watched his spirit rise on the other side. Last week I felt compelled to paint this large oil painting based on the pastel.

If this painting were YOUR DREAM …

While this painting may have personal specific meanings to me. It also carries personal meaning to others who are attracted to its colors and imagery. Dreams and paintings are universal connections that we share.  

SO . . . If this painting were YOUR DREAM, what would the line of trees symbolize to YOU? What other symbols jump out to YOU in the painting?

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