Poggio Olive Harvest

Our host Danilo treated us to a tour of the Becattini family olive grove. It was late afternoon and the sun was glowing behind the houses at the top of the ridge. The olive foliage is sage green. In October however, when the other trees are golden, the olives look blue, especially as the sunlight and mist settles down into the valley.

Tuscany oil paintings
Poggio Olive, oil, 8 x 10      Purchase Info

I could paint this view 100 times! I love the way the houses grow right up out of the landscape!

Danilo showed us how he picks the olives, by hand. First shaking the tree, trimming away any damaged branches. The olives are collected in fine mesh nets on the ground. He takes them to an olive press in San Palo, just down the road. The best olive oil,hands down.

Ppggio Olives, oil, 8 x 10
Ppggio Olives, oil, 8 x 10, detail,  Purchase Info


The Olive Grove

Tuscany’s hillsides are lined with vineyards and olive trees. The dusty blue green color of the olives is distinctive. At sunrise they  drip with dew and sparkle in the breeze. A magical sight.

Olive Grove, watercolor
Olive Grove, watercolor

I painted this from memory. Trying to distill movement, light and magic into one painting.

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