Go with the Flow of Cascading Dreams

Easier said than done! Everyone tells you to ‘go with the flow,’ but going with the flow isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

When my dreams began cascading into life, I felt very reluctant to believe any of it would stick. So accustomed to looking for the other shoe to drop, I did more than reserve judgement ~ I got in the way of the flow more times than not!

Cascading Dreams wall decal Dorothy Fagan
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So how did I finally get it?

Truth is, I’m not sure that I do. I don’t know that I will EVER really get it fully. The thing I notice is that I am a lot quicker to stop when life feels like a struggle.

Go with the Flow of Cascading Dreams

“When life feels like a struggle, flip on some music and sing!”

You know. When the file won’t upload because the server is slow. Or traffic is blocking the bridge and I’m going to be late. I am much quicker at stepping back and taking a break. Go for a walk. Do something else and come back later. Flip on some music and sing.

Cascading Dreams wall poster c Dorothy Fagan
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The funny part is that whenever I have the presence of mind to chill and ask the Creator to show me. There is something way better that pops up.

“Just as soon as I clear the struggle ~ the Creator spills the dreams.”

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