Life is a Garden. Plant Joy!

Life is a Garden. Plant Joy!

“When my garden is dark and empty, I feel quiet and introspective. Like winter, my roots spring to life knowing I can plant joy anywhere I find a nook or cranny. Faith makes a happy life.”

This painting was dark when I found her rolled up in a corner of my studio. Embarrassed that I’d allowed her to become so ugly, I quickly flipped past her so my friends wouldn’t see her face.

Alone, I placed her on the easel and squeezed paint onto the palette. Day by day, I repainted her fields and farms, her trees and houses, her clouds and demeanor. I can’t say it was easy. To repaint her, I had to repaint myself.

I let go of my dark thoughts. Slowly, I replanted them with colorful joyful ones. When a few of them took root, I got inspired and started writing this column. I’d never considered myself a writer. I’m just a gardener tending my garden of love.

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Dance ’til the Sunsets

Dance ’til the Sunsets

How it feels to be a pale sunrise, all quiet and somber ~ then suddenly ~ joyously dancing through life with sparkling jewels. Only the Creator could inspire such joy!

At a time in my life when happiness was missing from life, I began painting this as a pale sunrise. Now a deeply colored sunset~ sparkling in turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst, emerald, and gold ~ the transformation is remarkable.

Dance til the sunsets
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Happiness such as this doesn’t come from the outside. It shines from the inside ~ through the heart. This is where I wish to live ~ happy, glowing, dancing in my heart every single day ’til my sun sets.

The quote of the day is available as a removable wall decal or poster. Find Dance ’til the Sunsets and other uplifting quotes in Joy’s Garden. A Fine Art Print of this painting, Danza del Tromonto (Sunset Dance), is available on canvas or watercolor paper.

Dance til the Sunsets poster
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Happiness Grows Between the Cracks

A wonderful weekend with my sister-in-law is still giving me smiles every time I think about our couple of days at the beach together. I don’t get to see her very often, yet she doesn’t feel far away at all.

HappinessGrowbetween the cracks
Happiness Grows Between the Cracks, Mixed Media Fusion on panel, 12 x 16

Happiness Grows Between the Cracks

Happiness Grows Between the Cracks

I started this painting that weekend as we were watching the sun set. She wandered along the water’s edge, while dashed out a few notes on these flowers catching the last light. Then we went to dinner.

It’s been over 6 months ago, yet the warmth I felt there is still aglow. You can see it in the shapes and rhythm of the flowers and their shadows in this painting.  To me the flowers feel like joyful dancers, as puppets in the sunlight playing with their shadows.

The title? It just came to me. I guess I finally let it in!