Painting in a Backyard Garden | Mine or Monet’s?

What grows in my garden is never quite as awe inspiring as what I’d imagined it would be when I planted it. I’ve had this dream of a lush garden like Monet’s Giverny. Really? A staff of gardeners, volunteers/NOT!

backyard garden
pinks and coneflower in my studio garden by the pond

Gardening and Painting have much in Common

I doubled the size of my sunny flower bed this past year. Tilling an oval shape out into the lawn, it is the only really sunny spot for flowers. Added leaf mulch from the compost, tilled it in, I finally got some flowers planted this spring.

You can see the pinks and magenta coneflower, and some shasta daisies in the foreground. Those glads are new too, along with some zinnia seeds I threw in below them.

giverny gardens
The Monet house is a wonderful backdrop for the Giverny Gardens.

Visiting Monet’s garden when I was in France was a dream come true. I am still thinking about the relationship between Monet’s paintings and his garden.

Structure plays a big role in any garden, especially true for Monet. The long horizontal facade on Monet’s house creates a wonderful backdrop for the entire Giverny Garden. Even this simple photograph shows off the purple flowers ~ more prominently than if the pink and verdigris backdrop were removed.

Painting in a Backyard Garden

This gave me an idea I’d been pondering about painting a series of cottage gardens. A pink cottage on my walk to the bay has been niggling away in the back of my mind for weeks. I still haven’t been back to paint it, the question about it remains and fuels this painting idea further.

backyard garden painting
my backyard garden by the pond

I tested it out on my own backyard garden. Using the silhouette of my house as a backdrop, I painted the pinks and purple Coneflowers in the foreground.

This is a small painting, 16″ x 16″. Though I envisioned a larger one, I resisted the temptation┬áto paint larger.

This painting captures how I feel about my garden, my dream of having that Monet garden by the pond. Dreams are way more tangible than we give them credit. Dreams actually fuel many of the real things in life. This painting has made me realize that I┬áDO have my own “Monet Garden” ~ it looks like my heart, not Monet’s!

Would you like me to paint your backyard garden? If you live within 150 miles of my Virginia studio or somewhere that I travel, I’d be thrilled to paint your garden. Learn more.

garden paintings
detail, palette knife painting