How Many Meanings Can You Think of for MUMS?

The Meaning of Flowers


How many meanings can you think of for mums?

wildflowers painting chrysanthemums
Mum, I Love You Buckets, oil, 6″ x 6″, Prints Available. Click on image for info.

We call them mums. Every fall we plant them before Thanksgiving. Chrysanthemums yellow, purple, bronze, red, and violet. The last bit of colorful cheer before winter. Winter is a quiet time of year, mum’s the word.

So we could look them up in a dictionary of flower symbols and read someone else’s meaning on a list. Maybe it sparks an idea, maybe not. Or we could look at our own associations for a personal interpretation.

For me, I planted these two tiny mums in a cobalt blue pot at the doorstep of my studio. On a whim, I painted them. The circumstances of how they happened to be in my field of vision are as important as the symbols themselves. Mine were tiny, not large and full. And most of mine are still in the flat unplanted. Significant? To me, yes! So what about you? Did you plant mums this fall? What attracts your eye to these?

Going back to my technique from yesterday’s post, we could break the word chrysanthemum down. Chry-san-the-mum ~ A simple word association list brings up chrysallis, Christ, san without, the mum, silence, mother. Without the crysallis/transformation, silence? This track may be a bit obtuse for some. You may see something different entirely. Follow the thread that intrigues you most.

The last element here is color. Yellow, violet and cobalt blue. Different people see different meaning in colors. An artist sees these violets and cobalt blues as shadows, yellow as light. The contrast of light and dark is harmony and balance. What do yellow and violet mean to you? How about cobalt blue? Do you love it or hate it? Use the comment section to write your associations, or join me in a free online class Exploring the Meaning of Wildflowers & Dreams.

Each moment, each painting, a dance with the creator together as one.

Wildflowers at the Light House

Explore the Meaning of Wildflowers & Dreams

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