Energize with Art ~ Healing Art Sessions

You can invert the drain of energy and build personal physical stamina with art!

Wellness Through Art

Dorothy Fagan
Dorothy Fagan

This is the wellness program my mother sought before cancer took her at age 60. Prevention was Pauline Fagan’s life-long commitment. Because of her, I work with people one-on-one to help promote healing and wellness through art and creative expression.

It’s not so much about which media you choose. Weaving colors together with paint, fiber, words, or other favorite media ~ you can create balance and harmony that synchronizes the Creator within you.

The innate Creative Healing Process is one that EVERY person uses EVERY day!  If you believe you’re not creative, or wonder if you are ~ perhaps it’s time to create a more empowering way to cultivate your well being?

The inkling for creative expression begins as a curiosity. When passed over for other endeavors, it may fade for a time ~ only to speak again later in life. Many people have told me their stories of passed over and neglected creativity. Almost everyone has one! Really!

If your story has become all too real, you now have an opportunity to weave a new one. I invite you to try a personalized session and see how it really works for you.

Your Personalized Session

Whether you are recovering from surgery, trauma, living with a long-term illness, or simply managing the stress of everyday living ~ art can make an extraordinary difference incorporated into your wellness program. With it, you can facilitate the progress you and your health care professionals are making. Being a creative participant is invigorating. I work with people dealing with anxiety, stress, grief, trauma, PTSD, cancer, ms, bone marrow transplant, stroke and heart issues, low energy and stamina, recovering from surgery, and those supporting loved ones who are ill or in hospice care.

With art your healing process becomes tangible. You can interact with it, coax it along, even get mad with it! Yes! That’s part of it too! True self expression has two sides. Expressing BOTH is important. Excluding one or the other can cause discomfort.

Your Mind Body Spirit was designed to energize you.

What you Need and What You Don’t

  1. You need a pen and journal to start.
  2. You don’t need to have ANY previous art experience at all! None. Period. This is the most asked question. You will not be expected to compete or show your art to anyone. In many ways being a novice is easier than being an expert!
  3. You don’t need art supplies to start. A simple pen and journal will suffice. If you decide to add other art materials, you may do so.

Healing Art Private Consults

Private consults are available in studio or at your location, or via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Initial Session

In our initial session, we will have a detailed conversation about your current situation. I will demonstrate things you can do to facilitate your Creative Healing Process right away. And you will have an opportunity to try them out.

Wrapping up, we will outline a support plan, determine your preferred art media, and any key friends or family members who might support you. This session takes approximately two hours. A journal and pen are required. Cost is $150 in studio or via Skype or Google Hangouts. Add mileage +45 cents/mile round trip from Cobbs Creek 23035 for on-site meetings.

Follow up Sessions

Follow up sessions may be scheduled according to support plan designed in initial session. Weekly,  monthly, or intermittent support can be provided as your projects evolve. It is normal for healing projects to twist and turn unexpectedly. This flexible follow up format allows you to heal at your own pace with the support you wish.

Book Initial Session

If you are in doubt, schedule a one-time Initial Session and get your questions and concerns answered. We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your situation. You will be able to decide for yourself if additional follow-up sessions are needed ~ or if one session will take you where you wish to go.

Book Session

Once you pay, you will be taken to my appointment calendar where you can schedule your session. If you wish to have your session on location, you will be able to let me know where and pay for mileage separately. (Areas within Williamsburg, Richmond, Newport News, Hampton, Tappahannock region are +$60 travel. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Franklin +$68, Fredericksburg +$80, Charlottesville +$120.)