CreativSOUP CHALLENGE Portals of the Goddess Within

When I first visited Loro Cuifenna three years ago, I felt entranced by all the doorways in this ancient Etruscan village. I invite you to explore them with me, one by one, as we paint them together.


I began this painting en plein air ~ and completed it in the studio in Virginia.

The Village

The village of Loro Cuifenna rises from a deep gorge. Stone villas with terra cotta roofs rise four stories above the top. Walking among them in a maze of cobbled stone streets, bridges, and doorways ~ I felt strangely connected to this ancient place. Painting here grounded me.

The Portals

In three visits to this captivating village, I have accumulated hundreds of photographs, sketches, and memories. Every door in the village is unique ~ a portal. Each symbolic in its own way, presents the possibility of a painting.

Use your choice of media to paint from it. Interpret it as you wish!

Portal #1 The Verdigris Door

copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan
The Verdigris Doorway

Discovering CreativSOUP

Just the colors suggest meaning of this portal. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra! And the stucco wall is orange ~ the 2nd chakra orange, is the chakra of creativity! Stuck ~ oh my!

You see what I mean about rich with symbolism. I'm sure you will discover far more in painting your own version. I invite you to post your interpretation on your favorite social media, link back to this post. If you like, you can post it to my CreativSOUP Group on Facebook.

Here's mine:

copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan
The Verdigris Door, oil on panel

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