Palette Knife Painting

daily painting

Tuscan Street Scene

This is a bit different from the Verdigris Portal I posted a few days ago. Though the doorway is just as mysterious.

Palette Knife Painting

Palette knife is a bridge between drawing and painting. As a pastellist, I enjoy the graphic immediacy of grabbing color and painting fast. Too much thinking about it interrupts the creator’s voice with junk in my head!

In this painting you can see my raw calligraphy. Gestural strokes and blocks of color all mixed together ON the panel. Rather that trying to get it right, carefully mixing and brushing things into perfect place. Feel how ancient and timeless we are.

daily painting
Village III, oil, 18 x 8

Palette knife is both painting and drawing implement for me. As you can see, I butter it on heavily then draw back into it with the sharp edge. There is something about the scraping, linear calligraphy etched into the surface that speaks volumes to how I feel about this village.

And I DO mean village in the larger sense. Enjoy!>

Muses of Tuscany Retreat>

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

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