Life is a Garden. Plant Joy!

Joy's garden poster

Life is a Garden. Plant Joy!

“When my garden is dark and empty, I feel quiet and introspective. Like winter, my roots spring to life knowing I can plant joy anywhere I find a nook or cranny. Faith makes a happy life.”

This painting was dark when I found her rolled up in a corner of my studio. Embarrassed that I’d allowed her to become so ugly, I quickly flipped past her so my friends wouldn’t see her face.

Alone, I placed her on the easel and squeezed paint onto the palette. Day by day, I repainted her fields and farms, her trees and houses, her clouds and demeanor. I can’t say it was easy. To repaint her, I had to repaint myself.

I let go of my dark thoughts. Slowly, I replanted them with colorful joyful ones. When a few of them took root, I got inspired and started writing this column. I’d never considered myself a writer. I’m just a gardener tending my garden of love.

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Joy's garden poster
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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.