Following Inspiration is Easier than You Think

Joyful Pond

“Creativity is a natural life-giving, divine process that all people possess. How you use it or whether you block it is up to you!”

After cancer took my mother, she came to me through dreams and paintings to say what she could not say in life. She was my teacher, guide, and encouraging spirit whose inspiring words and garden wisdom guided me in painting ~ and healing from an assault that nearly took my life.

Faith, Healing Hearts & Remembrance

This painting was given to me yesterday in a moment of pause. The canvas was one I had discarded. It caught my eye from the trash. Pausing from the three paintings I thought I was working on, I lifted her up and set her on an easel of her own. Refocusing my attention, I asked ‘what colors?’

The Pond Within c2017 Dorothy Fagan
The Pond Within

“What I do in life parallels my spiritual path. When I lift her up on a pedestal and ask the Creator? ~ the Divine within shows me the next step.”

The flow began and I followed it. When it stopped, I set the painting aside and went back to what I was doing. This morning’s dream instructed me, create a garden that thrives on air, a conversation ~ elevated ~ that transports people along a healing path through art.’

When I walked into the studio, dream in hand ~ there was the painting of Joyful Garden waiting for me. What an amazing gift ~ thank you for this garden of healing hearts and remembrance for my mother!

The paintings; Joy’s Garden, The Pond Within, & Joyful Pond are just a few in this collection. Learn more about them and the pond of my own where we can share my artistry and flourish together.

I invite you to join me.

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