Florence Sunrise, an Artists’ Retreat & a Haircut

Florence Sunrise

Woke up to the most amazing sunrise ~ a clear view of Florence and the mountains beyond. Florence awash in sunlight. Hillsides closer still saturated with cool shadows.

Florence Sunrise, oil, 16 x 20

Expresso in hand, I set to painting it before breakfast. By the time I had the mountains and Florence blocked in, sunlight lit the hillside close up. As I was finishing up, our host Danilo and his son Lorenzo knocked at the door.

“Come now, if you wish to have a haircut” they invited me down the street to their home. Excited that Lorenzo’s nonna (grandmother) had understood my sign language when I asked her about where she got her hair cut, I hurried down the street to meet the family friend who comes to the house to cut everyone’s hair!

an Italian family haircut
an Italian family haircut

Now was also my opportunity to talk to Danilo (with the help of Lorenzo’s English translations) about offering an creativity retreat here in 2017.

“Si, si, si,” they understood my  idea of combining painting and cooking lessons to create a “Muses of Tuscany” retreat.

I feel as though I have been adopted into the Becattini family. Their cousin came to my villa and cut my hair expertly for 5 euros!


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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.