From Watercolor Inspiration to Oil Paint ~ Passages ~ Sorrento Italy


Today we are in Sorrento, Italy!

Marina Grande

I painted the view overlooking Marina Grande several times. Though in shadow, I selected sunshine colors for my watercolor.

copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan
Marina Grande, watercolor Purchase Info

When faced with such an overwhelming view, it is key to focus. In my watercolor technique, I use the paint brush first to block in key color shapes of my composition. This centers my viewers in the heart center of the painting.

Notice how the view is framed with earth toned structures. And the blue green aqua heart colors are at the center of the focus.

While the paint is still wet, I draw back into the painting to ‘find’ the details. In this painting I am using a purple watercolor pencil, which bleeds into the wet paint as I draw. I love this soft fused drawing, something I started doing in France.

You will find info on purchasing prints and the original painting of Marina Grande here. 


Returning to Virginia, I created an oil painting inspired by this watercolor.

copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan

Imagining a long horizontal painting for over a king bed or mantle, I used two canvases end to end to create a diptych. Using my watercolor as a reference, I blocked in my composition on two gold toned canvases.

Notice how, even in this extended format, the eye still moves around the painting. Both ‘pivot points’ ~ the minaret on the lower right, and the steeple at the top left ~ point the viewers eye heavenward. While the earthly horizontal movement of the hydrofoil filled with tourists hover in toward the dock, to the hotels nestled at the base of the cliff.

This balance of vertical and horizontal movement is the structural element that you will find in many of my paintings. This structure grounds you while your heart absorbs the glorious color!

Heart chakra colors in the green part of the spectrum are center stage, framed by earth tone chakras 1, 2, and 3 ~ ochres, red, orange, and yellows.

You will find purchase info on this diptych here. 

copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan
Passages diptych, Radiant Beauty pillows

The pillows featured in this photo are based on my painting, Radiant Beauty. They are available online in several sizes and fabrics.