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creativSOUP Sponsorship

Since 1983 art has been a complex healing journey. Through plein air painting I found solace and comfort with quiet stillness in the landscape. This carried me through my own traumas, my mother’s cancer, Dad’s strokes and Aunt Agnes’ dementia.  As waves of emotion crashed on my shores, color and line released tension and angst, freeing me to move forward in my own life.

Along the way I used many different media to express feelings, work through ideas, and create empowering transitions for myself. In those 35 years, I painted first in pastel and oil. Over time I moved from these opaque media to transparent watercolor and charcoal drawing. Returning to the designer I was as a student, I found my way back to mixed media, design, and fiber art.

Without support from family, friends and collectors ~ I would never have found resilience, stamina and focus that I have been so fortunate to enjoy. My focus now has shifted to helping others create wellness, vitality, and stamina through art. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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