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You know that place where you can see the sun setting and the moon rising simultaneously? 

That Sweet Spot, Sunrise Joy’s Garden is being auctioned!!!

Sunrise Joy's Garden
Sunrise Joy’s Garden, oil

Absorbing the Tuscan Lifestyle and Colors into my art and life, you can see the glow of the sweet spot in this very special painting. The hilltop villa where I lived in Poggio Alla Croce, faced the Val d’Arno at sunrise and Florence at sunset. Being there ~ heart, mind, body, & spirit ~ put me in Joy’s Garden.

You know that place where you can see the sun setting and the moon rising simultaneously? I’m not sure that I did.

To see the sun setting, while simultaneously the moon is rising ~ you would have to be in a very sweet spot!

Indeed, I thought this painting was too small. I’d ignored it. Too small a thing to warrant my attention. It’s been sitting on my studio table for months. Then the other morning, with my coffee, I found myself tweaking the colors.

I liked the colors and thought I might offer it as a gift to my readers. You know, auction it. Let the highest bidder have it for whatever the one who has the last word offers. I thought it would be a great way to help people find my CreativSOUP Live Feed and Joy’s Garden Books.

As I began writing about it ~ suddenly I felt the sweet spot.

And suddenly the sweet spot, Sunrise Joy’s Garden is up for auction!!!

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So much of creativity is so small we overlook it. Peek inside my CreativSOUP process at paintings and my Joy’s Garden books and see what you’re missing.