INTERPRETING ART Low Hanging Fruit in the Garden

“Slip in the side door,” she whispered to her closest friends.

“… the hot pink door with the low hanging tangerines.”

The entry would be missed by most, but we didn’t because Antonella has invited us.

sorrento paintings
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Tangerine Tango juxtaposes a traditional architectural structure with man made placement of fruit tree and window garden. Dark and Light values mirror woman’s inclination to know herself through dramatic contrasts!

The composition of the painting places the facade of this societal structure squarely front and center in the painting, framing it with the turquoise sky, a symbol of the Divine in all people, and the open doorway at the far left edge. Marked by the low hanging fruit, tangerine/orchid color play, the Creator within invites us to slip inside unnoticed.

Did I know all this when I selected this street scene from Sorrento to paint? Get real! How could anyone?

What I knew was that I really, really liked the dark painted wood frame of the windows on the shop and the linens hanging in the window. I was also taken with the lush tangerine, orange, and lemon trees all over Sorrento. More about them later.

For this painting I simply placed the tree that was planted there a little further in front of the shop. Then I composed the painting with the band of striking turquoise and vibrant green at the right edge ~ because it felt right!

The hot pink awning didn’t arrive in the painting until after I’d had a dream about it. In the dream, “He didn’t show up at work. Put a pink belt on with the orange.”

Yes, it was one of those non-sense dreams ~ until I wrote the thing down. At once I knew that the ‘pink belt’ meant the band of the awning across the center of my painting from the day before.

“Okay, I’m good with that.”

I painted it in and hung it on the wall.

Inspirational Wall Decal Poster
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Don’t you think she looks like she’s doing the tango? Kind of leaning way over where any conscious woman might fall if she weren’t supported by the Creator within … No! I didn’t paint the shop leaning over on purpose! She just turned out that way.

Do I fix her? NOT! I love her just as she is!

By the way, I’m taking the Creator’s advice and plucking the low hanging fruit. Slipping in the side door, instead of waiting until I have all the paintings for this book done, edited, and published ….

Pluck this low hanging fruit? Read along as I have time to write and publish painting by painting, story by story.

I’m sure you can think of someone who would be inspired by this illustrated story. It’s a perfect gift for a soul sister who needs to hear, “just go for the low hanging fruit honey!” Get her the inspirational wall decal ~ she’ll think of you every time she plucks a tangerine!