HOW TO Go With the Flow ~ it’s easier than you think

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Join me on the inland waterway marsh near my Virginia studio in Mathews County for my best artist-tested recipes for stress relief, going with the ebb and flow, and channeling your dreams into inspiring fuel for your greatest passions.

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So exciting to announce the launch of my channel! A wonderful opportunity to visit my studio by the pond from the comfort of home, I invite you to come share my favorite creativSOUP recipes.

We are all in this creativSOUP of life together, so why not stir up some fun?

I promise to answer all your questions. And to show you my best artist tested recipes for stress relief, going with the ebb and flow of life, and channeling your dreams into inspiring fuel for your greatest passions.

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Thank you for subscribing to my blog and for supporting my artistry! I think the thing that most people are surprised to learn about artists ~ is how meaningful conversations with collectors, supporters, and friends are! Without our conversations, I would have died alone in my studio.

That said, reaching out after going within to paint is a huge challenge! I really appreciate your reaching out to me with your comments. You would be surprised to know how much fuel to paint your few words can provide!

Three years ago, my dear friend Antonella said, ‘Dorothy you cannot know how this will look!’  ~ when I told her I came to Tuscany to ‘absorb the Tuscan lifestyle into my art and life’. My gosh, was she ever right!

I certainly NEVER dreamed of doing this!!!



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Heartland Marsh painting Dorothy Fagan
Heartland Marsh, watercolor, 12 x 16

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New Book Released ~ Get Clues to Your Divine Life Purpose

I am so excited to release Book 2! I hope you will see yourself in the picture story in this book.

The mystery of why a pastel painting from 1978 still hung around my studio in 2017 ~ even though the original painting was sold nearly forty years ago. Clues came in the form of sketches, journal entries, and paintings ~ each with a piece of the puzzle. When assembled they created a vision of divine purpose of soul sisters’ relationship. I hope you will find it inspirational, uplifting, and thought provoking.

Joy's Garden Books by Dorothy Fagan
New Release

A painting called Two Sisters stayed on my mind for forty years. Why was I still thinking about it? And why was it titled, ‘Two Sisters?’

Two Sisters c2017 Dorothy Fagan
Two Sister pastel, collection City University of New York

I think you’ll enjoy seeing how subtle and gently messages from the Creator nudged me into discovering my life purpose. My mother played such a critical role, yet she’d been gone for nearly thirty years.

My mother, Pauline, was an advocate for health and wellness. She read everything she could get her hands on. She bought vitamins for the whole family, long after we’d all moved to our homes and were raising children of our own!

When she was 56, she had a massive seizure. We all held our breath as she underwent brain surgery for a tumor. The prognosis was not the one we’d hoped for. She fought hard. After she passed, she still fought to complete what she’d started in life.

And I learned to listen to her differently than I did as a young woman.

Unraveling our relationship, our shared divine purpose, felt like piecing together a jig saw puzzle, where the pieces were all turned up-side down.

I hope my story will show you how I turned them over, and a new way of looking at your relationship with your mom.


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