Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Winged Butterfly Scarf

Wet wing butterflies have just shed their cocoons. Startled in the Light, they fan their wings. You can only see them for a short while. Wings dry quickly and off they go.

And so it is with these one-of-a-kind scarves, shimmering in the light with soft iridescent colors! And hand painted into the design with soft metallic gold lines ~ scrolls the name of your loved one.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wet Winged Butterfly Scarf

Of course butterflies signify metamorphosis, renewal and rebirth. Perhaps more significantly, they help us find Joy in Life and Light.

During Breast Cancer Awareness September and October, I will be taking orders for these limited edition chiffon scarves. The last day to order is October 31!!! The scarves take weeks to make, so I have scheduled hand painting in November. You can expect shipping by Thanksgiving. (First come, first served.)

Butterflies Scarf
Butterflies Scarf is hand painted chiffon


The Butterfly scarf is a special tribute to my mom as Joy’s Garden takes flight. The light airy chiffon floats in the slightest breeze. ORDER>

10% will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Pauline B. Fagan

Pauline B. Fagan
Pauline B. Fagan

While my mother ill, I found solace painting in secluded gardens. There was nothing I could do to stop her cancer. But somehow painting helped me move from one day to the next.

Pauline was an avid gardener. She LOVED gardening. She taught me to prune, root cuttings, arrange flowers, pull weeds, and to see my world as a garden.

Pauline taught me to sew, to think about how the pattern pieces all fit together, to design it the way I envisioned. She taught me to design my own patterns, to fit my design to the fabric. And she encouraged me to paint, took watercolor classes with me when I was too young to drive myself.

I wish she could see Joy’s Garden! It’s all the things she loved, and taught me to love. I can feel her smiling down on me as I sew scarves these on her 1960 Pfaff machine!

Butterflies Scarf


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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.