An Antidote for Trauma ~ Color, Healing & Art

Dorothy Fagan artist author speaker

“Just listening to the news, we are all traumatized. A daily dose of trauma calls for a daily antidote. We cannot keep taking it in ~ without letting it out. The arts are a safe way to convert emotions into peace and beauty.”

Dorothy Fagan embraced her mountain of emotions and converted them into peace, vitality, and radiance.

Recovering from the attempt on her life, Dorothy Fagan moved a mountain of raw emotion to release trauma, stress, tension, fear, anger and all the rest. Her process she calls creativSOUP, utilizes color, dreams, and journaling the stuff of every day life ~ to convert pent up energy bit by bit.

Not just for artists, anyone willing to explore can relieve stress, recover, and create personal wellness and radiance.

Joy's Garden Embrace the Mountain
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“Dorothy Fagan’s inspirational story is in itself is so brave, so authentic, so honest and moving that I was totally inspired all over again after seeing her gorgeous art!”  Amazon Review

Joy’s Garden Series Books & Journals

Three books provide a discovery map that individuals can adapt for personal use. A combination of story, demonstration, inspiration, creative cues, and the framework Dorothy Fagan used to recover from multiple events. She recommends the 3-book set, which includes; Joy’s Garden Embrace the Mountain BOOK 1, CreativSOUP Journal, and CreativSOUP for General Flow Adult Coloring & Creativity Book.

CreativSOUP for General Flow
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Dorothy Fagan Floral Painting

Fagan’s newest paintings include floral oil paintings, like Blooming (above) are included in her travelling exhibition, The Color Goddess Within.  Booking now for venues in the U.S., subscribe to receive show notices, invitations to book signings, gallery talks, and Orchid Sheep workshops. Contact The Painting Lesson for information on bookings.

The Color Goddess Within

The Travelling Exhibition

This extraordinary look inside our creative mind, unravels clues found in journals, dreams, and original oils, watercolors, mixed media, pastels, and limited editions from her books, The Mystery of Two Sisters and Embrace the Mountain ~ to reveal the Goddess within us all. Inspirational stories of Dorothy’s creativSOUP process engage her audience with whimsy, candor, and down-to-earth, practical innate know-how. ORDER ON AMAZON>

After the attempt on her life, at 25 Dorothy Fagan lost her ability to paint the delicate abstract landscapes for which she’d become knownPath interrupted? Or journey intensified? Dorothy fought to find the artist she’d lost ~ or the one she was meant to be.

The Orchid Sheep

gallery talk & painting demonstration
creativSOUP workshop

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Dorothy Fagan Media KitThe Color Goddess Within

24-page full color Travelling Exhibition Catalog

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