A Mountain of Problems Transforms

abstract landscape painting


When a mountain of c%__p weighed down on me in 1995, life became so dark that I gave all my paintings away and stopped painting.

I became invisible. At a party no one noticed me come and go. At work no one heard my ideas.

Yet the Creative flame could not be extinguished.

I felt it as a yearning, an inexplicable urge for color, to paint, to sing out loud.


My strokes were awkward, colors muddy. No longer at my fingertips were the paintings that had brought me acceptance into The Pastel Society of America, American Artist’s Professional League, Salmagundi Club, the Pastel Society of Canada and all the others.

I had to start again.

Cascading Dreams
Cascading Dreams (aka Lavender Sunset)

Cascading Dreams (aka Lavender Sunset)

A Vision Transformed My Mountain

The end of my journey commenced in France. in 2013, awe-struck with this vision the first day in Provence, I shifted into overdrive at the sight of ancient stone and terra cotta buildings, sprawling down into the landscape, from the town of Gordes. Romanced by a mountain encrusted with layers of civilization, I forgot about the mountain.

I began painting the juxtaposition of structures sprawling into fertile fields. For five years, I tweaked colors in a series of “Cascading Dreams” paintings, never quite satisfied. READ MORE and see the cascading dreams>

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.