Tuscany Painting Show

Tuscany Painting Show

Waking up in Virginia for the first time in over two months, I was struck by the color and atmosphere of the morning light. So beautiful and strikingly similar to Tuscany!

“How fortunate I am,” I thought to myself as I unpacked paintings,  “to have this beautiful spot for my home and studio!”

With renewed energy and vigor, I am prepping for my Tuscany Painting Show here at my studio in Mathews. If you’d like to see the paintings in person, please come do so.

I will be working on my Muses of Tuscany book this winter. Conversations, questions, answers, and discussions we have will be a great contribution to me in the painting and writing I will do this winter. When I publish next year, I will host another event.

Tuscany Painting Show

Walk in Assisi, oil, 14 x 11

November 14 – January 15
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Tuscany Painting Show
unpacking paintings

Packing Paintings for Transit

Packing paintings for transit is always a challenge. Whether shipping or carrying them on a flight, careful planning is essential.

Because many of my paintings were done with a palette knife, they were particularly vulnerable. I used bubble wrap and custom cut packing boards to create sandwiches for them!

Foam core cut outs gave my heavy impasto paintings the space needed to travel safely. I was thrilled to find them in pristine condition when I unpacked! No touch ups needed!

I hand carried the larger panels and put them smaller ones in my carry on bag. This kept them from getting smashed with heavy luggage. Carefully layering them between bubble and cut outs protected even the most heavily painted areas, some of which were still a bit wet.

Even though I hand carried them, the paintings were still packaged up for nearly a week. I packed them last Saturday before we left Poggio Alla Croce. We drove to Milan and turned in our car on Sunday, flew to DC on Monday and drove home on Tuesday. Wednesday we drove to my son’s and picked up Sneakers. It was Friday before I had cleared space in the studio to open the packages!

All my efforts to pack the paintings were rewarded with pristine paintings, ready to hang.

Tuscamy Painting Show
Everything arrived in mint condition!

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.