Tuscany Residency Artist’s Dream Come True

Tuscany Artist’s Residency

I invite you to follow my Tuscany Artist’s Residency online. Join me for plein air painting and Tuscan lifestyle-infused painting lessons.

Follow the creation of my book, Muses of Tuscany, infusing life with paintings and the Tuscan lifestyle.

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I have invited two muses to visit my Tuscany studio. In Greek mythology, muses are goddesses blessed with great artistic talents ~ grace, beauty and allure. They help the gods and mankind forget their troubles and inspire artists to greater artistic and intellectual heights.

My muses are very dear friends who have inspired me over the years. I have asked them to show me Tuscany ~ what inspires them ~ the hill towns, wineries, Tuscan life style. I am hoping my time in Tuscany will re-program me ~ the workaholic who doesn’t know what else to do but work!

I cannot move this mountain, I CAN embrace it.

Embrace of the Mountain
Embrace of the Mountain, CANVAS PRINT

When I titled Embrace of the Mountain, over a year ago, I was thinking the mountain was embracing me. Now I see how I am already embracing it.

Our apartment is 20 miles south of Florence. It is owned by a chef who teaches cooking and runs a private restaurant for residents. We’re leasing a car, which my husband Jim enjoys driving, the Italian way. Sneakers is on her own playdate with the grandkids.

Dorothy Fagan watercolor
Tuscan Sun,

People have always looked at my paintings and asked if I had been to Tuscany. Evidently they saw more in my paintings ~ unfulfilled dreams ~ than I did. My dream? Your dream? The collective consciousness is powerful!

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Join me in my Virtual Studio from Tuscany

Join me in my Virtual Studio from Tuscany

I will be demonstrating in watercolor & oil paint from Poggio Alla Croce.

Dorothy Fagan painting in Tuscany
My heart melts every time I see the view from my balcony in Tuscany. My easel stays here day and night, sunrise sunset!

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Watercolor journaling is fun for sketching and quick ideas on the run. I like to take a small one in my bag, so it’s handy and easy to paint on the fly. I do a lot of this in cafes and restaurants, on a park bench over looking the gardens, or while hiking in the village.

Plein Air Painting in Tuscany

plein air in TuscanyPainting in the Vineyards

I know people are curious as to the colors I am using and how I know what to mix together to get my colors. I will be sharing this and more. This photo is from my last visit in 2015 to northern Tuscany in Grassina.


This quick oil sketch didn’t turn out as I wished. My phone interrupted my train of inspiration with a family issue. It’s important to stop and be there when family calls ~ even in Italy!

Leap Frogs

HeartLand c2017 Dorothy Fagan
HeartLand, Purchase Info>

Everyone loves the feeling of leap-frogging with inspiration. An amazing series of them led me from the plein air painting above to this painting called, Heart Land. I know you can see how both paintings are focused on a heart centered in the landscape.

This is really what I was after when I went to Italy two years ago. I wished to absorb the Tuscany Lifestyle into my art and life ~ and I believe this is what it looks like for me!

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I used my CreativSOUP Method to spur the leap-frogs along. The more I stirred the pot, the faster those leap frogs jumped to mind. I will be setting up my oil palette and packing my painting gear over the next few days.

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Dance ’til the Sunsets

Dance ’til the Sunsets

How it feels to be a pale sunrise, all quiet and somber ~ then suddenly ~ joyously dancing through life with sparkling jewels. Only the Creator could inspire such joy!

At a time in my life when happiness was missing from life, I began painting this as a pale sunrise. Now a deeply colored sunset~ sparkling in turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst, emerald, and gold ~ the transformation is remarkable.

Dance til the sunsets
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Happiness such as this doesn’t come from the outside. It shines from the inside ~ through the heart. This is where I wish to live ~ happy, glowing, dancing in my heart every single day ’til my sun sets.

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Dance til the Sunsets poster
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