Painting in Orvieto, Italy ~ Sunrise Flower Market

Blooming Women . . . Two women chatting quietly at the flower shop . . .

I saw these two in Orvieto, Italy. We were on our way home from Roma and stopped by Orvieto during my Muses of Tuscany Retreat. What a delightful village! I love the artsy shoppes, pottery, wood crafts, flowers, dress shops. Wish we had more time.

Sunrise Flower Market Dorothy Fagan
Sunrise Flower Market, mixed media fusion on canvas panel, 16 x 12″

Painting in Orvieto, Italy

Experimenting with a limited palette of Raw Umber and Charcoal, the Pastel Rose, Lavender Gray, Verdigris and Ochre create a satisfying balance of serenity with fresh, invigorating blooms. I could see this painting on pale green or gray, lavender or blue, or even pale yellow walls.

Yet wouldn’t it look striking on a deep charcoal wall? or russet? or even deep ocean blue gray?

This small mixed media painting is the first in my new Sketchbox Trunk Show Series. Looking for a way to explore thumbnail pencil sketches in a larger, color format, I used willow charcoal and oil paint on a small (16″ x 12″) linen panel. Not every idea in my sketchbox can become a large painting. This new format gives me a chance to let some of my sketches out of the box.

Less that a full blown painting, more than a drawing ~ Sunrise Flower Market, is a one-of-a-kind hybrid original. It is created on a rigid canvas panel and sealed with satin varnish, sold unframed. It will fit a standard 16″ x 12″ frame, no glass required.

Only 1 available @ $350. NO PRINTS. PURCHASE HERE>

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7 Rooftop Garden Paintings: Tuscany, Cinque Terre & Venice

I fell in love with backyard gardens in Tuscany

Every nook & cranny is an oasis awaiting cultivation

backyard garden painting of venice italy
Venezia Dream


Flowers cascade from every window sill and balcony. During my residency, I painted in Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Figline, Volterra, Florence, Cortona, and Venice.

The Perch by Dorothy Fagan
The Perch, detail

It was not until I returned home, that I began to see the Tuscan colors seeping into my palette. My palette softened and my eye for selecting what to paint focused in on gardens.

Rooftop Garden Paintings, Cinque Terre
Rooftop Garden Series


Clotheslines with fresh laundry hung in every nook and cranny excited my imagination. A special connection to warm-hearted Italian friends stirred with every breeze.

Rooftop Garden Paintings, Florence, Italy
The Awning


Each painting appears to me a dream. Each window represents a person, an opportunity of a new friend. Some windows spill flowers, open and prolific, others just peeking, a few closed to shade the light.

The Perch, Rooftop Garden Painting Series
The Perch, Rooftop Garden Painting Series ~ Cinque Terre


Each painting seems to tell a story, an imaginary tale. Who would live there? What would they be saying? Would they be smiling, asking questions, or what? Would I recognize them?

Rooftop Garden Paintings, Tuscany
Rooftop Garden

A gardener myself, I get the message. Plant joy, drip water, fertilize with love.

Village Blooming, Cinque Terre balconies blooming
Village Blooming, Cinque Terre balconies blooming

Poggio Alla Croce

Windows and doorways like eyes peeking out at me.

Village on thetHill
Village on the Hill
Villa Rossa, Balcony Garden painting series

Three Sisters

An open balcony beside three sisters tucked into a window niche, side by side in the sun. Me, myself, and I?

Village Trio, Venice Window Garden
Village Trio, Venice Window Garden

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Creativity Retreat in Tuscany

Join me for a Muses of Tuscany Retreat Fall 2017

October 2017


I invite you to join me and Chef Danilo Becattini for a very special retreat. We are here to inspire you ~ with art, heart and creative cooking ~ one-on-one.

Village on the Hill
Village on the Hill is where we’ll stay, a quiet village nestled between Florence and the Val’d Arno River.

Adopt the Heart and Soul of Tuscany on this One-of-a-Kind Creative Retreat.

Tuscan retreat
Meet Danilo Becattini, chef and Dorothy Fagan, muse extraordinaire! He is the ever-ready bunny, wound up and living it!


Meet Danilo Becattini, chef and muse extraordinaire! During my retreat in 2015, the Becattini family adopted me. Their friendship, love, and the beautiful landscape reconnected me heart and soul.

Now Danilo and I are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind creative retreat in the heart of Tuscany in the fall of 2017.

Select from a complete menu from pasta making to painting, watercolor and oil to journaling dreams, exploring, writing, cooking . . .

Tuscany retreat
Plein air painting near Pelagio with a 360 degree panorama is amazing! And imagine a restaurant in the middle of it!

Whether your creativity lies in the kitchen, the wine cellar, the paint brush, or in your dreams; I know your creative spirit will enjoy our small group sessions, ala carte, in your own unique pairings.

The Perch by Dorothy Fagan
The Perch, detail
  • 8 Days & Nights
  • Mountain Top Tuscan Village
  • Private Creativity Sessions in Painting, Cooking, and/or Dream Journaling
  • Daily Demonstrations in Plein Air Oil,  Watercolor Journaling & Italian Cooking
  • Plein Air Oil Painting Lessons
  • Watercolor Journaling Lessons
  • Tuscan Pasta Making Lesson
  • Festive Tuscan Dinner Parties
  • Chianti Regional Wine Tastings
Tuscan retreat
Chef Danilo Becattini teaches Tuscan pasta making with his own gusto. You’ll not go home sad or hungry!


Everyone is an artist in Danilo’s Italian kitchen.

Danilo teaches Tuscan Pasta and Pizza making in small groups of three or four. Everyone is invited to share in their culinary creations.  I even learned to make Tiramasu, Yum!

tuscan retreat
Tiramasu with a twist


If you enjoy walking, there are trails to a nearby vineyard. Take the train to Florence for the afternoon. Or drive to a nearby monastery or vineyard. Assisi and Cinque Terre are also day trip distance and well worth the effort.
watercolor journaling
Watercolor journaling is a quick and easy way to capture inspiration while waiting for Chianti to be served!


With no one looking over your shoulder, try watercolor journaling or get expertise on plein air color mixing. Set your own direction, pace, and interests.

Villa Rossa by Dorothy Fagan
Villa Rossa, oil painting inspired by The Red House on the hill.

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this inspiring retreat.

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