Find Light in the Shadows

“Find Light in the Shadows”

Find Light in the Shadows
Find Light in the Shadows is available as a removable wall decal on my website! See it Now>

Painters, or I might more correctly say, “colorist painters” are taught to look for light in the shadows. Black is NOT a color!

Black is the absence of light. Think black hole, vaccuum. Nada. Empty space.

Learning to see color and light in the dark parts of my paintings, I have also grown accustomed to finding Light in every human being, in every dark day, and every terrible thing that happens in the world.

No! this is NOT easy!

It stretches my “Faith” muscle every single day!

Be the Light!

Find Light in the Shadows is available as a removable wall decal on my website! See it Now>

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Hermitage of Montesiepi

Muse Thalia posed for this vignette in the ruins of the abbey at Montesiepi. Inspired by my recent watercolors, I felt wash and line would capture the simple elegance of the ruins stripped bare of ecclesiastical fanfare.

Hermitage of Monteseipi, oil, 7 x 5
Hermitage of Montesiepi, oil, 7 x 5

I especially like the slender window beside the slender figure. Scale speaks volumes to such a simple statement. I like the economy of it, less is more.

Supermoon over San Galgano

Built in the 12th Century, San Galgano is home to a knight who hung up his sword. More accurately he stuck it in a stone and never picked it back up.

Guilango had two visions of the Archangel Michael.  In the first, Michael told Galgano he would protect him. In the second, Galgano followed him to Monte Siepi to meet the Creator and his twelve Apostles.

Transformed, Galgano  planted his sword as a cross and lived the rest of his life a pious hermit.  The church was built around his sword. Galgano was cannonized by the Catholic Church four years after his death in 1181.

San Galgano la Luna, oil, 5 x 7

The evening prior to our visit to San Galgano, we watched the supermoon rising from our mountain top village. It seemed a perfect compliment to the vision of San Galgano.