My Happy Dance! CreativSOUP Recipe #1

Who knew I would love watercolor so much?

It’s not that I wish to be a ‘watercolorist,’ it’s more that I LOVE the creative freedom of doing something out of my ‘normal’ mode!

Happy Dance, watercolor, 12″ x 16″, PURCHASE INFO>

CreativSOUP Recipe #1

Break a Routine

Breaking the routine way of thinking about things, watercolor is transparent! Not opaque as all other painting mediums I have used for decades.

This is a great analogy for life! So much of life is opaque. Just look around and you will see it everywhere, people and companies doing one thing, but meaning entirely something else. Hiding behind some opaque ideas.

Painting with watercolors helps me see! I can see the veils of color on my painting. Layer upon layer, I love the way they mingle.

And I think perhaps I am getting pretty good at seeing right through those masks that others wear. I can see through my own as well! Taking it off is what makes my palette shine.

Every time I let loose ~ stop trying to make the painting perfect ~ The Creator takes my arm and palette and creates magic on my paper. This painting was one of those ~ my happy dance one afternoon during my retreat.


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Happy Dance

autumn trees watercolor painting
Happy Dance, watercolor, 12×16″ Purchase Info>

Yes, this is me doing my happy dance!

I had so much fun with watercolors on my retreat, I almost didn’t come home! I filled two tiny sketchbooks and very quickly wished for larger paper.

A drive to Cortona, where I knew I could procure fine artists supplies did the trick. I came home with 3 watercolor blocks. A block of watercolor paper is glued around all 4 edges, with just one corner open. This enables one to paint wet without the edges buckling.

The painting dries flat as it is held in place by the glued edge. When completely dry, slice it of cleanly with a table knife and voila ~ a clean, flat painting!

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Life is a Garden. Plant Joy!

Life is a Garden. Plant Joy!

“When my garden is dark and empty, I feel quiet and introspective. Like winter, my roots spring to life knowing I can plant joy anywhere I find a nook or cranny. Faith makes a happy life.”

This painting was dark when I found her rolled up in a corner of my studio. Embarrassed that I’d allowed her to become so ugly, I quickly flipped past her so my friends wouldn’t see her face.

Alone, I placed her on the easel and squeezed paint onto the palette. Day by day, I repainted her fields and farms, her trees and houses, her clouds and demeanor. I can’t say it was easy. To repaint her, I had to repaint myself.

I let go of my dark thoughts. Slowly, I replanted them with colorful joyful ones. When a few of them took root, I got inspired and started writing this column. I’d never considered myself a writer. I’m just a gardener tending my garden of love.

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Joy's garden poster
Life in a garden. Plant Joy! removable wall decal or poster, See purchase info>