Sharing my Heart

This morning’s dream showed me a new way of sharing my heart. Give away a pastel painting weekly ~ really!

plein air garden painting
Muse III, pastel on sanded panel, 10 x 8

So today’s painting ~ Muse III ~ is the first heart painting I will give away. I will announce the lucky winner on my post next Friday, April 22 ~ along with my Share Your Heart painting for next week!

To qualify you must first be subscribed to Dorothy’s Daily Paintings via the subscription link below this post.

Second, help me in Sharing my Heart by sharing your heart. Use the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ links below to share what inspires you most about it.

Good luck! And thank you for sharing my heart!

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Abstract Landscape ~ Rite of Spring

Today I used a pastel to untangle some problems I was having with an oil painting. I’d started with a plein air painting of tulips from three years ago. Rather that paint back into the older painting, I decided to create a new one based on what I liked about it.

Abstract Landscape Pastel ~ Rite of Spring  

abstract landscape pastel
Rite of Spring, pastel, 8 x 10, PURCHASE INFO>

I liked the tulips, but not the palette. So I was referring to another painting for my palette. I was also changing the design from a square to a horizontal rectangle.

I jumped in and blocked it in. A week later I was stymied.

Being lost in a garden is not all bad. I liked what happened with the landscape from yesterday when I used pastel to open the door, so I decided to try it with the garden.

My garden painting had a strong vertical shaft of greenery connecting a patch of tulips to the top. In the pastel, this element disappeared completely!

While the pastel is decidedly more abstract than the oil, I like the way the hillside blends into the golden sky. I can’t wait to see where this goes with oil paint!

By the way, I am painting for a show at Stewart Gallery in Gloucester. It will open May 6. The reception is from 4pm – 8pm. I hope you’ll come out and see these paintings in person!

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