I Love You Buckets

4 Loveladies Paintings

A week at the beach with my sister-in-law inspired this special collection of “Love Ladies.”

Pot of Gold by Dorothy Fagan
Pot of Gold

I took my easel and my sister-in-law with me for a long-awaited beach retreat. I hadn’t been in years. I selected Long Beach Island, New Jersey ~ a place with fond memories from years ago.

Divas in the Sun

Painting in the village of Barnegat Light, I honed in on backyard gardens as subjects while Kathy went in search of her favorite birds.

Stand Tall & Bloom

Painting outside a ladies dress shop called “Wildflowers by the Lighthouse,” a woman called “Cricket” waved from the 2nd floor window. Inside I met Patti who invited me to paint her garden in Loveladies, the town just south.

I Love You Buckets

These special paintings are inspired by Patti’s garden and my special connection with my girlfriends. I don’t know what I’d do without them! Sister-in-laws, sisters, daughter-in-laws, aunties, girlfriends all.

The titles, the paintings, all dedicated to my sisters. I love you all!

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How Inspiration Sprouted from a Week at the Beach


It all began with Happy Dance  ~ how I felt after three days at the beach with my sister-in-law!

I painted at sundown on our last night. Two weeks later …

Potted Joy
Potted Joy

inspiration grew from a seedling into a prolific garden

This week it spread to a whole garden of dreams.

Sundown at the beach
Sundown at the beach

I painted this small plein air painting at sundown on our last night at the beach. 

Happy Dance by Dorothy Fagan copyright 2016
Happy Dance, prints available

When I returned home, I kept fiddling around with all the paintings. This one kept niggling at me to paint it large. Finally, I consented to give it a try.

I prepared a 30 x 40 inch canvas with light terra cotta primer. Then washed the colors of Happy Dance in loosely. Strokes of happiness bottled up inside spewed across my painting.  

I grabbed a twig of willow charcoal and drew back into the wet paint, gently coaxing the color into form. 

Potted Joy by Dorothy Fagan copyright 2016
Potted Joy, prints available

Potted Joy? Did I know I was potting my joy? or that the pots symbolized anything at all? No!

I just felt it the urge to paint it. Like an itch, I had to do something about it so I picked up a brush and let loose.

prolific garden of paintings sprouted from it. I had no idea that following this urge to paint would create a wondrous and joyful container garden!

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Essential Creature Comforts for Painting Well en Plein Air

Beyond the basics, some creature comforts are essential for painting well en plein air. I’ve used a lot of different equipment and media outdoors since the mid 1980s. This is the first of my Plein Air Creature Comforts List for Painting Well Outdoors

plein air umbrella
plein air umbrella

1 ~ A bona-fide plein air umbrella

Not just a beach umbrella that clips to the easel, this one is designed with making the artist COMFORTABLE! A comfortable artist paints comfortably ~ and well, better!

I treated myself to this plein air umbrella for my painting trip to Long Beach Island next week. It has a reflective outside and is black inside. Those who don’t paint outdoors might not realize that painters cannot wear sunglasses while painting plein air.

Tinted lenses tint everything! Even the colors on the palette are affected and well, when you take the lenses off. Guess what, the colors on the canvas are all screwed up!

This umbrella eliminates glare and distorted reflections on the palette and canvas. I am so looking forward to trying it out!

BTW ~ it also has a vented crown to let the breeze through. This and the bungee cord keep the whole rig from blowing away in the wind. Notice that the umbrella is clamped at the base of the easel leg for stability. Though I don’t expect to be painting in high winds ~ not recommended unless you like sailing canvas.

plein air umbrella
easel clamps to the base of the easel leg

2 ~ The kit of all kits

Second on my list of essentials is an OUTSTANDING KIT. Not just a bag of paper towels from the grocery store, I mean a kit that has a place for everything, so everything is right where you need it ~just like in the studio!

I received this tote bag with all the pockets as a gift some years ago. It was designed as a gardener’s tool bag with a folding stool. While it’s been smashing in the garden, it’s ever better for plein air painting. This is especially true since I am a better painter than I am gardener!

The pockets, both inside and out, are large and plentiful. The inside is water resistant. I’ve used it so much, it’s time to get out Mom’s old Pfaff and sew on some new handles. These will be longer and stronger than the ones I’m replacing.

A couple strips of nylon cord and I’m good to go.

pfaff sewing machine
pfaff sewing machine

I’ll be packing a few more essentials, will post them in a few days.

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