Sharing my Heart

plein air garden painting

This morning’s dream showed me a new way of sharing my heart. Give away a pastel painting weekly ~ really!

plein air garden painting
Muse III, pastel on sanded panel, 10 x 8

So today’s painting ~ Muse III ~ is the first heart painting I will give away. I will announce the lucky winner on my post next Friday, April 22 ~ along with my Share Your Heart painting for next week!

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Second, help me in Sharing my Heart by sharing your heart. Use the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ links below to share what inspires you most about it.

Good luck! And thank you for sharing my heart!

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

DOROTHY FAGAN'S ART is collected by the Musee de La Grande Vigne, City University of New York, Longwood University Art Museum, Emory University. HEALTHCARE COLLECTIONS U. Mass Memorial Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Camp Lejeune Mental Health Facility, Riverside Cancer Center, Southampton Memorial Hospital. CORPORATE COLLECTIONS General Electric, First National Exchange Bank, International Paper, Monarch Bank, Towne Bank, AAA, Raycom Media, Coldwell Banker. PRIVATE COLLECTIONS in the United States, England, Italy, Singapore, Jordan, Canada.

2 thoughts on “Sharing my Heart”

  1. Muse III


    I resonate with your fealess abandonment of “staying within the lines” with your palette, brush, and heart.
    As Walt Whitman stated about epiphany: ” I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines.”

    Thank you for sharing,
    Penny on Gwynns Island

    1. Penny, thank you for noticing! The thing I fear most is that people will think me crazy for constantly changing lanes! Yet it is what I am most often thanked for by friends and colleagues. So be it! Accepting one’s path is liberating!

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