Death & Dying

Silver Lining

Support for death and dying is very individualized and can include other family members in projects such as, watercolor journaling, painting, fiber arts, quilts, stories, and books. One family member can use this to support the entire family during and after the passing.

It is not necessary for dying person to actively participate. For example, during my father’s hospice I painted, journaled, and told stories interacting with him and other family members. Almost as a courier of Creator’s messages, I shared questions, stories, and insights one by one. This continued after his passing, and through his funeral.

Each individual and family in unique. There is no program or pattern to follow. Resources include various arts media and techniques, as well as coaching to support the family and individual in expressing their own feelings. It is this important expression that provides healing and oneness with the Creator. It brings families together and creates peace.

Healing Art Private Consults

Private consults are available in studio or at your location.

Initial Session

Initial session will outline a support plan, determine a starting art media, frequency, and key family members. This session takes approximately two hours. A journal and pen are required. Cost is $150 in studio. Add mileage +45 cents/mile round trip from Cobbs Creek 23035 for on-site meetings.

Follow up Sessions

Follow up sessions may be scheduled according to support plan designed in initial session. Frequent or intermittent support can be provided to any family member, as media and projects evolve.

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I strongly recommend that one person take the lead on this kind of support for a loved one and family. This is NOT the time to try to get family members to agree on anything. An artistic family member can contribute much ~ simply with the expanded understanding of art and creativity these sessions provide. If you are in doubt, schedule a one-time Initial Session and get your questions and concerns answered. We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your situation. You will be able to decide for yourself if additional follow-up sessions are needed.

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Once you pay, you will be taken to my appointment calendar where you can schedule your session. If you wish to have your session on location, you will be able to let me know where and pay for mileage separately.