Wellness Through Art ~ Private Healing Art Sessions

You can invert the drain of energy and build stamina with art!

Wellness Through Art

Dorothy Fagan
Dorothy Fagan

This is the wellness program my mother sought before cancer took her at age 60. Because of her, I work with people one-on-one to help promote healing through art.

The Creative Healing Process is a singular, innate process. EVERY person uses it EVERY day!  Do you believe you’re not creative? or wonder if you are? Is it time to create a broader, more stable environment to cultivate your well being?

The inkling for creative expression begins as a curiosity. When passed over for other endeavors, it may fade for a time ~ only to speak again later in life.

I invite you to do a personalized session with me and discover how it really works for you.

Personalized Sessions

One-on-one Healing Art Sessions

The best part of a personalized session is being able to direct the focus where YOU wish to go!

With painting, journaling, and watercolor your healing process becomes tangible. You can interact with it, coax it along, even get mad with it! Yes! That’s part of it too!

Your Personalized Session

Whether you are wishing to add art to your current wellness program, are recovering from illness or trauma, living with a long-term illness, or supporting a loved one who is ill ~ art can play on extraordinary role in the quality of daily living.

Working with art can assist your mind body spirit in doing what it was designed to do ~ heal.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, I look forward to helping you take a proactive role in your creative healing process.

To Begin

  1. Start by selecting a date for your first session.
  2. Select your media choice.
  3. Choose topics you wish to explore and apply now.

Your session can be in my Virginia studio or via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Sessions are available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday afternoon.

When I receive your booking application, I will consider your interests and let you know if the date you have chosen is available. (Personalized Healing Art Sessions are designed for one person only. If it is appropriate for you to bring someone who is helping you ~ spouse or partner ~ we can do so at your 2nd session.)

Personalized Healing Art Session

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