Postcard Painting Inspiration ~ Life Affirming Action

postcard painting inspiration

Postcard Painting Inspiration

How Could One Small Painting Make Such an Impact?

Will this story inspire you
to pick up the brush
and try an experiment?

postcard painting inspiration
experimental watercolor postcard, Hollyhock Dream

I haven’t thought about this postcard painting inspiration since I painted it two years ago in France. I found it stuck down in a drawer when I went searching for my Tuscan Sun watercolor. When I pulled it out, it looked better than I remembered it. I threw it on the worktable thinking I might mount it and hang it beside my bed.

It floated around on my studio worktable niggling at me for a week or so. Finally the urge to paint it again ~ bigger ~ became so overwhelming it distracted me at every turn. I figured if I just gave in and painted it I’d get it out of my way. Wow, was I in for a surprise!

postcard painting inspiration
Hollyhock Dream, oil on canvas

When I set up the first canvas, two others nearby shouted to be next. I gave in and blocked them in with toned primer. Letting go never felt so comfortable!

It was then that I remembered planting a small water lily in a crock on my deck last summer. I  had just moved it to a pond of its own because its roots overflowed the small crock. When I repotted it I discovered it had sprouted four lilies. Recognizing myself in the lily made me smile inside. Assured I was in the right place I kept painting.

postcard painting inspiration
Something Blooming, oil on canvas

It took a week or so to finish painting all three of these. Snippets of time between other obligations were hard to find. Yet each time I touched them ~they came to life ~ and so did I.

 Hollyhock Dream led to Something Blooming, then to A Lily Pond of My Own. ~ I am astounded to see the abstract floral landscapes I painted in pastel as a young woman dripping with wet paint before me .  I never dreamed I would find her again. I truly thought she was lost forever.

postcard painting inspiration
A Lily Pond of My Own, oil 

How is it that painting such a small insignificant watercolor could be such a life affirming action?

This is the inspiration that leads me to create The Painting Lesson Virtual Artist Residency. If my small story inspires one person to pick up a brush and stroke color on paper, to feel the color energy beating in their heart a little faster ~ my joy will double.

perhaps you will pick up a brush and try an experiment.

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Postcard Painting Inspiration
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