More Translucent Oils

translucent oils

Enamored with the rich color resonance of the oil paint without the addition of white paint, I wanted to see it on a larger scale. This painting is 8 x 10 inches. Though not what one could call large, it did give me more space to use a half inch flat brush.

translucent oils
Villa Rossa, oil, 8 x 10

I am using Gamblin’s Solvent Free Medium for this, the liquid form. I like that it became runny as I added more medium. This gives the painting the look of enamel.  Clear, translucent and vibrant!

The lines are drawn back into wet glaze with watercolor crayon, which is slightly waxy. It adds a nice contrast texture to the smooth glazes.

Tomorrow bigger ….

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Author: Dorothy Fagan

Experimenter, gardener, grandmother ... Dorothy Fagan plays with creativity, dreams, and paint every day.