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Joy's Garden Copyright © 2017 Dorothy Fagan

After she died, Dorothy’s dreams became lucid. Her mother, who had encouraged her to paint, to sew, and to see her world as a garden ~ guided her through dreams and paintings to create Joy’s Garden.

“I felt so helpless to stop her cancer. 

I had all I could do to find the presence 

of mind to hold her hand. To find solace, 

I painted in secluded gardens, praying.” 

Lavande Magic Copyright © 2017 Dorothy Fagan

Inspiration for her “Cascading Dreams” paintings began with a notion of painting the lavender fields of Provence, put into her head quite by chance. In an excerpt from her book Dorothy paints with words. 

“Surrounded by blooming hollyhocks, the garden at Le Mas d’Ariveux felt like a dream. A hideaway where a soul could forget ~ or remember herself ~ in a heartbeat. I stuck my toe in the pool. . . . Lavender permeated the air. . . . Awe-struck, my curiosity and vision shifted into overdrive when I saw ancient stone and terra cotta buildings sprawling down the mountain into fields of lavender.”

Cascading Dreams Copyright © 2017 Dorothy Fagan

In "Cascading Dreams," lavender fields transform into a flowing river, a universal symbol of the Creator. As Dorothy developed skill at clearing the stuff that blocks the Creator, her inspirations flowed more and more quickly. Solid thoughts became fluid. Questions and answers transformed into an ongoing conversation between herself and the creative voice within her.

“Creativity is a natural life-giving, divine process that all people possess. How you use it or whether you block it is up to you!”

Joy's Garden Copyright © 2017 Dorothy Fagan

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I'd like to dedicate Joy's Garden to my mother, Pauline Fagan. 


She was really an arts wellness advocate in her own lifetime. When I was too young to drive myself ~ she took watercolor classes with me ~ encouraging me to paint.


Pauline was an avid gardener. She LOVED gardening. She taught me to prune, how to root cuttings, arrange flowers, pull weeds, and to see my world as a garden. 


Her life was a challenge for 'the cure.' I wish she were here to see this.

Joy's Garden Challenge graphic

Mom taught me to sew, to design my clothing to fit well. I still sew on her 1960 Pfaff machine. As the needle pierces the fabric, I feel her permeating the fabric of my being.


As a tribute for the opening of Joy's Garden, I have created a hand painted Wet Winged Butterfly Scarf. Based on my butterfly design in the graphic above, each scarf will have the name of a loved one hand painted into the design with iridescent color.


Of course butterflies signify transformation, metamorphosis, renewal and rebirth. Perhaps more significantly, they help us find Joy in Life and Light.

 Find out more about the scarf and how you can get one.

Copyright © 2017 Dorothy Fagan
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