Swing Your Brush Fearlessly! The Pond Within Personalized Painting Workshops with Dorothy Fagan

The Pond Within c2017 Dorothy Fagan

Personalized Painting Workshops

Are you feeling stuck? Do you wish you could swing your brush fearlessly? Are you pulled in too many directions, unsure where to start? Do you need to understand who you are as an artist, the purpose of your artistic gift (yes, you DO have a gift ~ or you wouldn’t be reading this!), so you can fulfill it without effort?

Dorothy FaganI’m Dorothy Fagan, the founder of Joy’s Garden and I’m dedicated to helping artists fulfill the gift of their artistry. I work with artists, painters in all disciplines, in one-on-one personalized consultations to help them fulfill the purpose of their artistic gifts.

Whether you are a professional artist, or simply paint for pleasure ~ you have more opportunities than ever before to communicate a clear vision with your painting. We are no longer tied to old ways of interacting with art. Painting canvases that all look alike because a gallery wants you to give them a marketable product ~ is not a vision. Applying to shows with no theme or artistic statement ~ leaves you lost in the crowd of artists competing for attention. And leaves the audience for your artistry unable to find you!

Whether you paint for yourself, your family, or the world ~ understanding who you are as a creative voice fuels your fearless passion for swinging the brush. It also connects you heart-to-heart with your audience ~ the ones tuned in on your wavelength! This heart-to-heart connection satisfies a passion.

But what if your colors are off just a smidge? The audience won’t feel your true spirit, and you won’t feel satisfied. I know because this happened to me! I’m here to tell you ~ one color makes all the difference in the world!

Learn my CreativSOUP Method

  • Create a powerful new relationship with the easel. Do you have ground rules that govern your what happens on your canvas? Have you outgrown your foundations? Is it time to create a broader, more stable structure to support your artistic voice and vision?
  • Learn to use your power color. Do you know the bridge color that connects heart to heart? Using it can transform each painting vibrationally ~ to connect with your audience at the heart chakra.
  • Learn to open blocked paintings quickly, so you can resolve issues without getting quagmired and complete paintings.
  • See Light in the shadows you never noticed before. Do you know the purpose of shadows? Which shadows to use to amplify your message?

One Hour CreativSOUP Painting Lesson

We can begin by booking a one-hour personalized CreativSOUP Lesson. In it we will address challenges you are facing now, demonstrate a painting and provide an assignment designed to help you get started. We speak over the Skype or Hangouts (your preference). You receive a complete email follow up.

ONE HOUR CreativSOUP Painting Lesson $150.00


60 Day CreativSOUP Painting Workshop

Learn to use my CreativSOUP Method to
Leap-frog your Paintings to the Next Level

You don’t need to be a professional ~ just ready to paint regularly and be making improvements to your paintings. 

  • An initial one-hour Skype or Hangouts CreativSOUP Lesson will pinpoint your strengths and challenges. Our conversation will enable you to see your own life situation as your greatest asset. And a personalized assignment will begin to transform your paintings into an artistry fulfilling vision.
  • A comprehensive email recap of our lesson including insights, assignments, and color resources will help you leap you forward. 
  • Each week via email, we check in to look at paintings, critique process, answer questions, discuss your leap frog cues, and see your transformations as you begin to get the hang of using CreativSOUP. 
  • You will receive two additional hour CreativSOUP Lessons by Skype or Hangouts – after 30 days, and at the 60-day mark, to look at paintings, discuss your insights, journal work, and possibilities for leveraging hidden talents. Each session will be followed with an email recap to outline our discussion, insights and painting assignments. 
  • My goal is to be your coach and tap into my 45 years of experience to enable you to paint confidently in your own unique style and connect with your audience effectively.

60-Day CreativSOUP Painting Workshop $495


6 Month Artist Mentoring Program

Learn to Use My CreativSOUP Method to
Leap-frog your Creative Voice and Paintings &
Fulfill the Purpose of your Creative Gifts

Artists must be painting regularly and constantly making improvements
to your vision of yourself as an artist and to your paintings as well.

  • Six monthly one-hour Skype or Hangouts CreativSOUP Lessons to evaluate accomplishments, and re-tailor your artist vision to stay current with you evolution, goals and personal situation.
  • Written email follow up of every lesson with checklists, resources and any referrals needed to fulfill your vision.
  • Six monthly half-hour Skype or Hangouts CreativSOUP Lessons to discuss specific paintings, series, and projects.
  • All-access email contact for feedback, review and discussion during our 6-month mentoring relationship. Feeling stuck, need clarification or help? Reach out to me in an ongoing email conversation to address snags or setbacks. (These are most often catapults for something important!)
  • This Mentorship is designed to give full support to your creative gifts, using my expertise, knowledge, and experience in creativity, color, and fulfilling the purpose of creative artistry.

6 Month Artistry Mentoring Program $1495