Cultivating a Garden of Vitality with Art, Painting Lessons, Wellness Art Programs

My Pond Forever c2017 Dorothy Fagan

Personalized Painting Workshops
for Cultivating a Garden of Vitality

Are you pulled in too many directions, overwhelmed with choices? Do you need to focus on yourself, give yourself a creative artistic voice, and a simple plan for cultivating wellness?

The Creative Process and Healing Process are actually a single process. Stimulating this innate process ~ through art ~ establishes a climate conducive to healing and regenerating cells. Joy’s Garden offers the CreativSOUP Method for this express purpose.

“Seeing your soul unfold in a painting is a life-affirming, physical experience ~ that has a ripple-out affect on every cell in your body.”

Dorothy Fagan
Dorothy Fagan

I’m Dorothy Fagan, the founder of Joy’s Garden and I’m dedicated to helping people use art to cultivate their own wellness. This is the wellness program my mother sought before cancer took her. Because of her, I work with people from all walks of life, in one-on-one personalized consultations, to help them use painting for wellness and joyful living.

The inkling for creative expression begins as a curiosity in most people. When passed over for other endeavors, the inkling may fade for a time, only to speak again later in life. Like a recurring dream, the Creative within is deserving of attention and focus.

Understanding how the Creative flow works is as simple as learning to balance a checkbook ~ heart to mind, body to spirit all connect and balance. Understanding how to add and subtract inflow and outflow ~ can invert the drain of energy, stamina, and focus.

I know because I looked like ‘death warmed over,’ in the words of my sons’ doctor thirty years ago. Old beliefs about creativity are obsolete. It’s high time we stop depleting our stamina with them and use ones that cultivate vitality.

Learn my CreativSOUP Method

  • Create a powerful new relationship with the Creator within. Do you believe you’re not creative? or wonder if you are? Is it time to create a broader, more stable environment to cultivate your well being?
  • Learn to use your power color. Do you know the bridge color that connects heart to mind, body to spirit? Using it can transform your wellness garden into fertile ground ~ instantly sprouting seeds of inspiration dormant for years.
  • Learn to open blocked issues quickly. With the CreativSOUP Method you will be able to resolve issues without getting quagmired. Everyone asks how I get so much done. This is how!
  • Use art as a powerful tool to cultivate your own customized wellness garden. See Light in the shadows you never noticed before. Do you know the purpose of shadows? We will use them to define joy.

One Hour CreativSOUP Lesson
Establishing a Wellness Garden

We can begin by booking a CreativSOUP Lesson to establish your wellness garden. In this conversation we will talk about the challenges you are facing now, and I will demonstrate how you can open your creative flow and establish a wellness garden with watercolor journaling. We speak over Skype or Google Hangouts (your preference), and you will receive a complete email follow up.

When you register, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your lesson and a link to a art few supplies.

ONE HOUR CreativSOUP Lesson $150.00

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60 Day CreativSOUP Workshop

Cultivating Wellness through Painting in any Medium

You must be ready to paint weekly and be committed to honoring your creative voice. 

    • An initial one-hour Skype or Google Hangouts CreativSOUP Lesson to pinpoint your strengths and define your challenges. Our conversation will enable you to see your own life situation as a fertile garden, ready to be cultivated. And my personalized painting demonstration and assignment will help you transform your painting practice into a productive wellness garden.
    • A comprehensive email recap of our lesson including insights, journal assignments, and color resources to help you establish your garden. 
    • Each week via email, we check in to look at paintings, interpret images, answer questions, discuss your leap frogs, and check the inspiration gauge for authenticity, and measure your flow and resources. 
    • You will receive two additional one-hour CreativSOUP Lessons by Skype or Hangouts – after 30 days, and at the 60-day mark, to look at paintings, discuss your insights, journal, and possibilities for cultivating dormant inspiration. Each session will be followed with an email recap to outline our discussion, insights and heart boosting actions. 
    • My goal is to be your mentor and will tap into my 45 years of experience to enable you to cultivate wellness by painting expressively in your own unique style, to enjoy life and live well.

When you register, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your lesson and a link to a art few supplies.


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Pauline B. Fagan Vitality Program

6-Month CreativSoup Program

This is the program I’ve designed for Mom. I wish I’d had it 30 years ago when it would have made a difference for her. There were many creative outlets that she pursued, knitting, sewing, gardening, cooking, painting ~ the list goes on. If I’d known how to tie them together like this, well who knows? 

This 6-month vitality-fostering relationship is for people who, like Pauline, are highly motivated to transform themselves and cultivate wellness for themselves. You must be painting, journaling, or writing regularly ~ and willing to live a vital, passion-filled life. 

  • Six monthly one-hour Skype or Hangouts CreativSOUP Lessons to document the rebirthing process that is an integral part of vitality and passion. We will assess issues, leap-frogs, discuss creative work you are doing, and stay current with your evolution, goals and personal situation. I will demonstrate in oil or watercolor, your preference.
  • Written email follow up of every lesson with resources and any referrals needed to manage your smooth, easy transition to ‘going with the flow’ lifestyle.
  • Six monthly half-hour Skype or Hangouts CreativSOUP Lessons to discuss specific paintings, dreams, connections and creative flow.
  • All-access email contact for feedback, review and discussion during our 6-month vitality fostering relationship. Feeling stuck, need clarification or help? Reach out to me in an ongoing email conversation to address thoughts or concerns. (These seemingly little things are often a cue for something important!)
  • This program is designed to give you full support (that I would have given my mom) ~ in living confidently, and creating life and art to your vision.

When you register, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your lesson and a link to a art few supplies.

Pauline B. Fagan Vitality PROGRAM $1495

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