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With her CreativSOUP Method, Dorothy Fagan demonstrates how to invert the drain of overwhelm, stamina, and focus with painting lessons anyone can do in a sketchbook.

Dorothy Fagan

Understanding how the Creative flow works is as simple as learning to balance a checkbook ~ heart to mind, body to spirit all connect and balance. Understanding how to add and subtract ~ inflow and outflow ~ can invert the drain of energy, stamina, and focus.

“I know because I looked like ‘death warmed over,’ in the words of my sons’ doctor thirty years ago. Old beliefs about creativity are obsolete. It’s high time we stop depleting our stamina with them and use ones that cultivate vitality.”

The inkling for creative expression begins as a curiosity in most people. When passed over for other endeavors, the inkling may fade for a time, only to speak again later in life. Like a recurring dream, the Creative within is deserving of attention and focus.


Discovering Joy’s Garden

Discovering Joy's Garden Dorothy FaganSlide talk traces Dorothy’s healing art journey. Based on her book, Discovering Joy’s Garden.

After she died, Dorothy’s dreams became lucid. Her mother, who had encouraged her to paint, to sew, and to see her world as a garden ~ guided her through dreams and paintings. See 30 years of visions come to life. Hear her inspirational story. Ask questions.

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CreativSOUP with Watercolor Journaling

CreativSOUP Journal1 Day Workshop for Artists & Non-Artists, based on her book, CreativSOUP

Learn Dorothy’s CreativSOUP Method
Learn the meaning of dreams, paintings and day-to-day inspirations. Learn to use watercolor journaling to open your creative flow fully. And learn to use Dorothy’s secret leverage to find inspiration in especially dark places.

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Swing Your Brush Fearlessly!

The Pond Within c2017 Dorothy Fagan
The Pond Within

Are you feeling stuck trying to get your brush to swing fearlessly? Are you pulled in too many directions, unsure where to start? Do you need to understand who you are as an artist, the purpose of your artistic gift?   Learn More>




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Cultivating a Garden of Vitality

My Pond Forever c2017 Dorothy Fagan

The Creative Process and Healing Process are actually a single process. Stimulating this innate process ~ through art ~ establishes a climate conducive to healing and regenerating cells. Joy’s Garden offers the CreativSOUP Method for this express purpose.

“Seeing your soul unfold in a painting is a life-affirming, physical experience ~ that has a ripple-out affect on every cell in your body.”

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