Greve in Chianti ~ Taking Off Soon

greve in chianti

Greve in Chianti

We are packing a little each day. One of my muses is already beaming inspiration in my direction. These photos of the wine festival in Greve magically showed up in my email today. We will be there, living in our apartment in town when the festival takes place Sept 11 – 13. Stay tuned for paintings, wine and recipes. Our apartment is owned by a chef who gives cooking classes!

Muses of Tuscany

A Muse, by the way, is a daughter of Zeus. Believed by the ancient Greeks to be blessed with extraordinary artistic vision, muses are known to inspire artists and writers beyond their human capacity. I have invited several to visit me during my Tuscan residency. I am hoping they will show me how to stop working so hard, to relax and let the Tuscan lifestyle influence me and my art!

Greve in Chianti
Greve in Chianti

It will be interesting to see how each muse expresses his or her personality, preferences and gifts. I have created a feed especially for the muses. I hope they will be amenable to using it to share some of their thoughts and photos directly. We’ll see!

Greve in Chianti
Wine Festival
Greve in Chianti
Grape Harvest in Chianti

Play Along with the Muses

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Greve in Chianti ~ Taking Off Soon
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