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Inspirational Artist Stories

A Healing Hearts Journey ~ Plein Air Painting in France

Painting en plein air in Virginia, I developed a mantra “Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Sand.” Practicing this mantra enabled me to heal. This essential whole-body connection between head and feet through beauty and appreciation of the earth ~ fuels the Creative Healing Process.

Fanning embers, rekindling a creative spirit
requires only desire and a spark.
Painting along the Emerald Coast of France
Painting along the Emerald Coast of France

In the photo, painting along the coast of France deepened my process and developed my Color Fusion Technique. This full-integration method balances life challenges through painting. Color and self expression are key to living in the moment. Experiencing the richness of life is a dream come true. It can be for you too!
inspirational artists stories
The Painting Lesson Book II, Discovering Joy’s Garden

The Painting Lesson Book 2
I invite you to read my story. Like many people I’ve had my challenges. Being an artist helped me find innovative ways to meet them.

Reframing my viewpoint. Changing my approach. Trying new colors. These painting lessons have taken me on a remarkable journey.
inspirational artist stories

Paintings and stories from my thirty year trek illustrate how I did it. My artist’s residency in France opened a doorway to a new way of seeing my life line of artwork. Each work of art, however good or bad, became a necessary stepping stone in discovering what I hold most deeply in my heart.

inspirational artist stories
Dreams and paintings carry special messages from the Creator for us to interpret.

In Discovering Joy’s Garden, I share the refreshingly simple approach I learned in France. Discovering my heart amid all the daily stuff is remarkable to me. Truly, I am still pinching myself.

I hope just reading my book and seeing the paintings will create harmony in your world.

The Painting Lesson Book II, Discovering Joy’s Garden



Author: Dorothy Fagan

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