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creativSOUP Membership

Insightful dialogues with friends, family, and supporters helped me find the vision and insight to pursue this artistry. Your fostering, supporting, and sustaining memberships for creativSOUP will  continue to help my Healing Arts Programs reach people in need in 2018.

Since my mother passed away of cancer in 1989, and Dad passed in 2013, and Aunt Agnes passed in 2017; I am focused on offering healing arts support for death and dying, heart attack and stroke, and cancer that I used during their illnesses. Individuals with multiple sclerosis, leukemia, trauma, abuse, stress, and anxiety continue to find me along their healing journey.

This kind of support is very individualized and can include other family members in projects such as, watercolor journaling, painting, fiber arts, quilts, stories, and books. Your membership helps to sustain my work. I welcome your questions, suggestions, and conversations. It is these insightful dialogues that sustain the vision and support insights essential for this unique artistic vision.

With your membership, I will send you periodic articles about my work with individuals and families.  It is truly inspirational to be able to do this kind of work. Doing it for my own family since 1986 has given me the utmost respect and awe for the way the Creator works through each and every individual. I am truly humbled to be able to be of use and comfort in this way.

Sustaining Membership $500

Supporting Membership  $250

Fostering Membership  $150


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