Sunrise Plein Air Tuscany

When the rooster crowed this morning, my easel was still on the balcony from last night.  The light had changed dramatically. Soft delicate morning light made the same view entirely different.

plein air tuscany
Prima Luce (First Light), plein air oil, 7 x 14

I knew the light would change quickly. Shower and coffee can wait. I painted in pajamas. By the time Jim woke, I had two small paintings in hand.

plein air tuscany
Poggio Vigneto (Hillside Vineyard), plein air oil, 5 x 7″

Arriving on Sunday, we had’t been able to stock the pantry. We left the paintings to dry and made haste for the co-op.

Plein air Tuscany



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Light Weight Brush Carrier

New brushes arrived for my trip. To my surprise, they were much smaller than I thought they would be. No time to exchange them, yet I couldn’t bring myself to put them in with the old dog eared brushes in my kit. 

A quick search of my supply cabinet yielded two brush cases, canvas with heavy protective zippered enclosure. Each weighed more than a pound! Forget this. 

Another search uncovered rolls of reed panel curtain remnants. Ummmm … I couldn’t throw these away last winter when I installed Ikea panel curtains in the kitchen. 

Soft enough to fold over one end, I measured the brushes to see how I might construct a simple carrier. The panel curtain is woven reeds which will allow the brushes to dry. Soft enough to roll easily, yet strong enough when rolled up to protect the delicate brush tips 

To stitch it together, I top stitched the ends first, then one center line. This kept the fabric from sliding while I sewed. I made some of the channels narrow, others wider for larger sized brushes. 

A rolled edge is top stitched to prevent it from raveling. A snip of purple satin ribbon is top stitched in place to tie it all together.