Discovering Joy’s Garden ~ Plein Air Painting in France

BOOK Discovering Joy's Garden

Inspirational Artist Stories

Discovering Joy’s Garden
A Healing Journey ~ Plein Air Painting in France

inspirational artist stories

Travel with Dorothy on her artist’s residency in France. Profusely illustrated with paintings, sketches, photographs and vivid descriptions of her plein air painting in Provence, Brittany, Monet’s garden, Paris ~ you’ll feel like you are looking over her shoulder at every turn of the page.

This book begins with Dorothy’s dream and why she went. Included are the materials and supplies she took, and what happened when she returned home.

For artists and creatives from all walks of life. Written in easy to understand, non-art terms

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  1. Hi Dorothy-
    I met you at Chasen Galleries. I think all of your books would do very well at Unity stores. There are several Unity locations locally, and of course, they are worldwide – so if you contact them to sell on their web site- you could reach a lot of like minded people. Here’s the contact info: and The Bon Air Unity has a great store- I’m sure your books would sell well.

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