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Creativity on a Silver Platter

The BEST CREATIVITY BOOKS demonstrate just how creative you already are. Not how to be someone other than yourself. In Dorothy Fagan’s world the blank canvas is a metaphor. How to balance stress while discovering heart. Anyone can use Dorothy’s artist approach to living well. Fagan breaks it down in bite-sized pieces anyone can swallow with her CreativSOUP approach.

Best Creativity Books
Discovering Joy’s Garden

best creativity books

The Painting Lesson
I invite you to read my story. Like many people I’ve had my challenges. Being an artist helped me find resourceful ways to meet them.

Reframing my viewpoint. Changing my approach. Trying new colors. These painting lessons have taken me on a remarkable journey.

Paintings and stories from my thirty year trek illustrate how I did it. My artist’s residency in France opened a doorway to a new way of seeing my life line of artwork. Each work of art, however good or bad, became a necessary stepping stone in discovering what I hold most deeply in my heart.

In Discovering Joy’s Garden, I share the refreshingly simple approach I learned in France. Discovering my heart amid all the daily stuff is remarkable to me. Truly, I am still pinching myself.

I hope reading my book and seeing the paintings will create harmony in your world.

Best Creativity Books

best creativity books Coloring in the lines or not? It’s really not as important as coloring life itself. Scribbling or staying in the lines are merely two ways ~ among an infinite array of expressing what’s truly in your heart. Words barely touch what colors set free. Seeing it on paper moves mountains. Order CreativSOUP on Amazon Today>

My CreativSOUP Adult Coloring and Creativity Book is filled with illustrations based on my original paintings. My best time-tested creativity recipes are paired with blank journal pages. Along side each coloring page, my CreativSOUP format for collecting daily flow makes it effortless for you to see your own creative spirit in action.


Best Creativity Books
Coming to the River ~


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best creativity books


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